Brigid Pearson was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her first job was selling doughnuts, which inspired her to seek a different profession. She sold women’s clothing while attending high school and  U.C.L.A., where she earned her degree in Fine Art and gained skills to start her career as a graphic designer. She worked as a designer for weekly newspapers, advertising agencies, and several record labels. Eventually, she moved to New York City and worked in the music industry and spent over 20 years in book publishing.

Brigid enjoys all aspects of design, from conceptualization and development to execution and production. She designs high-quality, attractive visual tools that help sell products to a wide variety of buyers.

Additionally, Brigid creates quirky, beguiling art and illustration, most often small in scale, but big in concept.

Brigid can be found in New York City and upstate New York, often cycling or playing ukulele (badly) on the porch. She has never eaten a doughnut again.

phone: 917.439.3441